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Normal Service

November 20, 2010 1 comment

The technology is not working.

Some of the technology is not working.

I also managed to spill 5 litres of gloss paint in the car when I braked to avoid White Van Man in a lane. Whoever you are I hope it happens to you one day.

Normal Service should be resumed over the weekend.

The application I use to upload images has broken.



March 24, 2010 2 comments

Alison Warner is a printmaker and painter who tends to work in mediums that are quick and easy to get out and transport. This means pencil, charcoal, and watercolour. She works in etching, collagraph and monoprint on her own press; this has its own space and stays out. Recently, while looking for a picture of a peony, she stumbled on the blog of Julian Merrow-Smith and found out about the painting a day movement started by Duane Keiser, it was a challenge that had to be attempted.

She has exhibited in a Brighton Open House and has won prizes at the National Gallery in Botswana. Some of her work is for sale on Etsy

She has lived in Belfast, London, Berkshire, Sussex, Botswana and Nicosia.

Her interests are: gardening (a family failing), cooking (well you have to eat you might as well do it well), grumbling (at which she excels), sailing (given a good run with the knee cartilages), collecting edible mushrooms, and visiting interesting places. She has published cartoons and articles mostly in the alternative press and has worked as a scientist, a charity manager, a lifeguard and a Saturday girl in Boots. She is married with two children.

About page for a painting a day by Alison Warner on her lemon a day art blog

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