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Red Shirley Poppy – a painting a day

   size 7.5 in x 4. in 18cm x 11cm watercolour on heavy weight rag paper

This is beginning to form a body of work, I can look at the ninety pictures and start seeing several different strands; what is interesting is that I can see strands the pictures are not all the same, not consistent as I said but producing so many (for me) shows that there are groups and themes there even when I am making no conscious effort to produce a particular theme.

I picked a poppy yesterday morning which flopped and looked miserable for twenty four hours, today it looked up again so I painted it. The photo shows the bed where the poppies are growing in the morning light.

Today I couldn’t put off defrosting the freezer as someone had left t the door half open and the warm humid air did the rest. It doesn’t matter how careful I am, there is always a portion of loose peas rolling around in the bottom of the drawer. It’s one of those rules like- people who are sick in the street have always eaten carrot and quite often bean sprouts actually.

No1 son went to his grandparents on the train today with his friend. They got there! No disaster occurred! No trains were cancelled! No2 son remembered to go to his guitar lesson!

I discovered something about the taster day at sixth form college…he thought it might be interesting to go and sign up for taster lessons in subjects he hadn’t chosen to see what they were like……he did Geography at one college but assumed it would be the same at the next so avoided it…..so no point of comparison. I wish I had seen that one coming.

Watering? well it’s just fire fighting these days, running from plant to plant finding things that are about to or probably will die from lack of water.

#91 a painting a day by Alison Warner on her lemon a day art blog

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