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November 8, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

size 6in x4in

This is the picture from a couple of days ago which I showed to DIY Dad, he couldn’t work out which way up it was which was discouraging.

However now I have removed a lot of the drawing marks I like it better. The cyclamen are nearly over or at least the flowers are and the leaves are doing their more subtle thing.

What does he know anyway? he’s currently in love with his new electical tool, it cuts mitres (no not for bishops hats) i.e. neat corners. If I get a go with it it might cut picture frames. That could be handy if I get accepted into the local Open Studio scheme, there could be 20 frames required. Who knows if I play my cards right this house might be finished enough to do an Open Studio here one day. I can’t see the boys being over the moon about that though. Imagine: doorbell goes and teenage son gets there first , stares in horror at potential gallery viewer,half shuts door on them to yell,”Mum, Muuuum, theres some random people here, MUM….”, stomp,  “$*&^£*7   *&%$)(! MUM …I shouldn’t have to handle this!”, I come in from the garden and run to rescue the potentials on the doorstep who come in just as a door is slammed on a darkened room by a muttering son somewhere in the house. Nightmare.

152 a painting a day

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