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Cherries in a bowl – a painting a day

July 1, 2010 1 comment

NFS   size 5 in x 6 in 12cm x 15cm watercolour on heavy weight rag paper

The secret with the watercolour is to use clean water as a paint. For example yesterday’s picture bled dark purple onto the background so much that the picture lost definition, I managed to wash it away carefully and soak the extra water up into a tissue. This restored the shadow to a paler more realistic tone. I am still not entirely happy with the stalks and highlights but the picture does have a 3D look in thumbnail. That tells me that broadly speaking the tones are right.

I had some time to myself today which is the first time that has happened in two months almost.

Apart from some weeding, watering and washing (i.e. the usual round) I did get some arrangements made to mesh the boys weekend (one away), the neighbours diabetic cat and some food for Geoges funeral on Monday. The next thing I must think about is clothes shopping for summer clothes as they are both growing out of what they wore last year.

I got the boys to disinfect and sponge down their pool ready for filling; they really think that I was being nasty to them and unreasonable in my own uniquely annoying way. They discussed leaving it dirty, they argued over who had done how much and it was painful but in the end there was a cleaner if not clean pool. So now of course the weather will break and I will not have to do the watering for a while, result!

#90 a painting a day by Alison Warner on her lemon a day art blog

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