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Four Chilli Second Go- a painting a day

April 27, 2012 1 comment

This painting has been framed and is for sale at Burgess Hill Open Houses see blog for June 4th

This is a more pleasing composition …but not right…I feel like I need to deconstruct all my equipment , clean it , buy some new brushes, get new glasses  or something …not sure what.

Collected a large quantity of silver chard from the allotment today and rhubarb again, there were two little shoots of asparagus. last weekend I cleared the bed of all shoots small and large so that it could be cultivated. I made a vat of asparagus soup as they were mostly short or misshapen.

I was very put out to find that the planning officer does not consider the loss of sunlight to our house and garden important…if the new neighbour builds what he wants we will lose so much light and warmth from the winter sun and our view will be decimated. We will literally be overshadowed by their monster extension front and back. getting sun into this garden has been the biggest challenge as it was circled with overgrown trees and hedges when we moved here now something permanant and ugly may sit between us and the sun. Worse the people who want to take the light say they intend to be our new neighbours…how will that work in practice? I prefer to get on with neighbours even ones who are different to us but what does one do when the new people have taken something precious and beautiful about ones home before they even move in? It is always best to avoid neighbourhood disputes but it is very easy to see how they can take hold.



Orange chilli peppers with bay leaves, painting a day

April 2, 2010 1 comment

SOLD   6.5″x6″ 16.5cm x 15cm watercolour on heavyweight rag paper

Painting a day is not always easy, I am finding that not all the pictures are how I expect them, there is a difference between painting when you feel like it and painting everyday…and the difference shows in the picture, it’s very strange. Other people seem to like them so it’s a question of keeping on until a work hardened style emerges from the struggle. The peppers have ripened, here they are with bay leaves ready for a beef curry.

I have picked out about thirty hellebore seedlings, they are all in a little divided tray of compost with slow release fertilizer granules, they seem to be growing away, producing their first true leaves (true leaves being the typical leaves of the plant, the first leaves out of the seed are usually quite different). Looking at how many I had and how many more I could pot up it occurred to me that I could do a really big planting of these magic plants underneath the oak tree, then there would be two years to wait to find out if they had come true from their parent or whether they had crossed with the others. I am not sure if hellebores cross pollinate, not all plants do. I could mix in some Brunnera Jack Frost by dividing the plant or going back to the lady I bought it from to see if she has anymore. The effect could be white hellebores with divided dark leaves, delicate sprays of blue flowered Brunnera with simple leaves netted with silver. Lush….snowdrops underneath maybe for the earliest colour; gardening is like painting, first picture what you might like slap it down and then wait two years for the paint to dry, dig it all up in frustration then wait two years for the second coat to dry. I have a brilliant cheat for working up perennial bedding schemes though. Get a really big plant pot and do a test run in there, it will be transferable if it all works and if it doesn’t you can drag it round the back somewhere out of sight and rework the elements. It’s good for getting the timing as well as the colours all lined up, you also see the relative heights of things.

There is a big empty patch where the spoil heap from the house extension was flattened last week by mini-digger. It needs to be filled with shade loving plants. I am going to photograph it and mark the lines of a path. Most of what goes in there will be grown from seed or divided. I collected seedlings of my hardy geraniums up last year and I have a tray of seedling of some sort of Tiarella (I think that would make a good first name for a girl when Kaylee gets past its sell by date, in fact I am surprised Katie Price hasn’t used it yet). I can only say they are some sort of Tiarella as the seeds were fished out of my pocket after a visit to a huge garden.


#9 a painting a day by Alison Warner on her lemon a day art blog

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Red and green chillis in a yellow bowl – a painting a day

March 30, 2010 Leave a comment  5″x6″ 12.5cm x 15cm watercolour on heavyweight rag paper

No1 son came home smelling of fritters or doughnuts yesterday, how did it go? He had made everything he set out to do, he said, and eaten the lot for lunch, so had eaten an onion, garlic and ginger, chilli some prawns, a green pepper, two tomatoes, four potatoes, and a banana, all fried, then he had been offered surplus doughnuts made by someone else, he ate three, and still managed some cake from one of the girls……the wonder is he’s as thin as a rake still. Oh yes and then we took mother out to a pub for a late Mother’s day treat in the evening and he ate a big two course meal with ease.

I had ham hock in a spring broth which was a kind of transition meal somewhere between a wintery dish and a lighter summery thing. It had beautiful white beans in it, fennel and tiny kale leaves.

In honour of the curry, the remaining chilli peppers today in a yellow bowl, I seem to be slightly better today but I like one of the chilli peppers better than the rest, it would work better if they were all as good as each other.


#6 a painting a day by Alison Warner on her lemon a day art blog

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