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A corner of the garden – a painting a day

June 27, 2010 Leave a comment

    size 6 in x 8 in 15cm x 19cm watercolour on heavy weight rag paper

It was so quiet this afternoon as I painted, a deafening hush, traffic silent, barbeques on hold. England had begun to lose badly and you could hear it.

I painted the bed with the cotton lavender and the lavender in.

It was very hot too hot for the studio or the house the house went up to 26 degrees Celsius unheard of since we insulated the roof properly.

I picked 3lb 14oz Strawberries today with No1 son who also let me cut his mop of lank hair. I can see him again.

#86 a painting a day by Alison Warner on her lemon a day art blog