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Rustic Pergola.

April 2, 2012 1 comment

size A4

This is the sketch I completed yesterday at Oakleigh Cottage near Heathfield. Well I almost completed it in situ. I filled in some of the gaps when I got home.

The garden is one acre and in several different parts. It has a new highly impressive irrigation system run from a borehole, DIY Dad was in his element. He likes drills of the handheld and the lorry load variety and boreholes are modest sized drilling projects. The horticultural interest is varied; pretty drifts of daffodils and frittillaries , startling yellow marsh marigolds and some giant bamboo which is competing on almost equal terms with an oak tree.

I have had to go onto my third file for the blog as this picture is 201 (100 paintings per file). It is also about two years since I started blogging so I have obviously not managed a painting a day more like one every four days on average. Still, to stop would seem wrong.



The espalier apple tree, Old Farmhouse, Sussex – a painting a day

April 10, 2010 Leave a comment

 9″x11″ 22cm x 27cm watercolour on heavyweight rag paper

Today we all went out in the sunshine to visit a new garden in the National Garden Scheme, it was a good move, the garden itself is mostly new so has plenty of room to grow, in the oak timbered barn members of the family and friends played short concerts, there were very good cakes with tea or squash. All in all it was a really different day, the music was delightful, the garden interesting and the whole thing so friendly.

Caspian who has made the garden what it is, and is expanding it, kindly gave me permission to do a drawing there. I got a little bit over ambitious for the time I had ….i.e. the length of my sons’ patience + the time taken to eat cake and then a biscuit. However they found a dog and a cat having a stand-off on the new terrace so that helped give me the time to get this far.

If you want a taste of the garden look at

I will post this tonight but I reserve the right to go back to it and rework it, this is my normal working practice but there has not been the time to do it today. I will repost it reworked if that works out.

Update:  I’ve reposted a reworked version now, adding more detail to the tree


#17 a painting a day by Alison Warner on her lemon a day art blog

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