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Social Services

May 22, 2014 Leave a comment

Written mid May:-The most extraordinary thing happened a week ago or rather eight days ago. I had a phone call from Social Services …they rang in answer to my call about my aunt, 31st December 2013. So I was being unfair in saying that they never return calls -they do eventually. However four and a half months to return a call seems pointless. I told them that I had assumed they were simply ignoring us and of course that there was no longer any “us” to ignore ( poor woman seemed shocked but this must happen often the way they are operating). If you are old and ill much can happen in four and a half months, you could fall, get worse, get bored, so could your carers, you could go completely mad-so could your carers or you could simply die.

We are looking at an illusion of a service, in theory there is a service but if they are this short staffed they will spend a disproportionate amount of time fending off work which they are not ever going to able to do and rush the rest, carers will spend a ridiculous amount of time chasing them up and all for no result. Publish a leaflet entitled, “Save our time, save your own time-don’t even ask”. Really it seems logical and honest, it could be used to cover hospital discharge protocols as well.


Honeysuckle days – a painting a day

July 12, 2011 2 comments


click on the link to get to my Etsy shop for this painting:

There really are this many different colours in a honeysuckle flower, and yet it looks modest and subtle unlike the flowers in the photo below:

There are several things I ought to be saying but there is so much
that I really should keep to myself. This is very difficult when there is a
blog to write so I have done no blogging for a long time.

Lovely aunt has a home of her own again but there is still much to be done. She had her work
friends over to visit yesterday and took them to Ockenden Manor. There is no
point booking a Harvester for three women who have been professional caterers (
of a much higher than average standard I might add) and the Manor does a
wonderful set lunch. They had a high old time and came back to mine for coffee
in the garden. They laugh and chatter as long as they can whenever they meet it’s
wonderful to facilitate. May I grow old with such good friends.

Coming soon in the garden morning glory and the yellow lily.

Unable to avoid bragging: there were so many strawberries this year we weighed a total crop of over half a hundredweight thats fifty six pounds I believe.

size 10 in x 6 in, 26cm x 15cm


Tigridia, Ranunculous showing off in front of the origano. These are a trial planting in a pot which is what I do sometimes to work out a bedding scheme. This one is really very easy, into prepared soil plant a bag of ranunculus corms and some tigridia bulbs, allow to grow, buy sunglasses and enjoy. Buy in bulk online and this is a very economical blast of colour.

#175 a painting a day by Alison Warner on her lemon a day art blog

Carnation picotee – a painting a day

February 25, 2011 3 comments


Day One hundred and sixty four  –  NFS   size 6 in x 7 in, 15cm x 17cm

I am seriously out of order here, where is the point of a content free blog? My one fan has noticed the absence of content. I have apologised.

 I have spent the last month and more trying to sift through all the complicated bits and pieces that are necessary to make life as an octogenarian passable, no it’s not me ,I am not secretly eighty, but the lovely aunt is. Without effective glasses, using an unmaintained hearing aid and with unpredictable holes in her memory my aunt has struggled. This is made worse by stress and stress she has had by the bucket load, that and quite a lot of isolation in a nice bungalow with snotty next door neighbours on the edge of a smart cathedral city. Give me a grotty location with some sparky neighbours every time; culture is great but feeling comfortable is a lot more important.

However lovely aunt enjoys a bit of classical music, used to go to the Proms in the fifties and sixties before it was ever televised, we have started to find the culture that is available in deepest Sussex. Surprisingly there is quite a lot. We have been to a recital in a church with the most wonderful cello playing.

DIY Dad sank to new depths last night, as I did a dreadful sloppy painting, he took the combination microwave apart on the kitchen table. He found the faulty component and triumphantly waved the circuit board at me. He thinks he may be able to mend it….by the way the general advice is don’t do this at home children and certainly not on the kitchen table because there are parts of the circuit on a microwave that store 4000 volts of power…I think that would kill you, or him. You would not believe the complications of circuit and component inside a microwave…but then it can cook a chicken and brown it in twenty minutes which is more than I can do with any normal oven.

No2 son has a number of projects on the go, one involves the new curvaceous beauty in his life whose pneumatic curves disport themselves across his bedroom floor, I look in last thing at night and have found them entwined sleeping happily…sorry I did say it’s an inflatable canoe didn’t I?  He is planning trips to explore several local waterways once his sprain is healed. He badly damaged an arm in the school gym…the teacher still wants a note to tell him about the injury that happened under his nose and resulted in No2 being sent home for a trip to casualty ( I had my story ready as it was the second arm injury I had taken there in a month). The other project involves building a laser “gun” from laser pens…….this seems creative but dangerous beyond my childhood experience. I mean I knew someone whose older brothers made gunpowder and blasted holes in the bottom of their garden, but I never did it myself.

Lovely aunts friend C. invited us to Battersea for paella, I only ever had indifferent paella I discover, hers was fantastic I ate till I could eat no more and then we got stuck into the coffee and brandy. This little carnation is for her as I think carnations are one of her favourite flowers.

#164 a painting a day by Alison Warner on her lemon a day art blog