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Three spears of Asparagus -a painting a day

May 25, 2010 Leave a comment

    size 6 inx8in15 cmx23cm, watercolour on heavyweight rag paper

  The asparagus is doing rather better, a bit of watering helps and the general dryness hasn’t done much for the slug population.

 There are lovely rosy purple tones in the green asparagus and later on I may look at the purple which is very handsome too.I placed it on a muted green Wedgwood plate from the 1960’s which belonged to my Uncle Bob.

 Painting the stem it becomes a bit like a harlequins costume alternate triangles of green and purple striped with shadow.

 I also made a pretty salad using new potatoes, asparagus, chive flowers and egg, I used a dressing I make with goats yoghurt, French mustard ,olive oil and lemon juice. Here is a photo:

Today I discovered that the appointment which was made two weeks ago has been cancelled and the paperwork sent on to a different department,” with the porters”, it should get there by the close of business two days later. I know the appointment was sent to them on the internet so why can they not transfer it internally by computer? I also discovered that arrangements I made sure were put in place to help No.1 son get through his GCSE’s better were lost at the last stage. The exam organiser knew that what she had asked for had been organised but the person invigilating was not told. Systems engender despair when they work so badly.Yesterday was blogless but I did take some photo’s of the clematis Montana and the clematis Early Sensation:



#58 a painting a day by Alison Warner on her lemon a day art blog

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