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Blue sky without vapour trails, birch tree in Ashdown Forest – a painting a day

11”x9″ 27cm x 22.5cm pen and wash on heavyweight Fabriano paper

The most beautiful day, well it was until we had the “what are we doing today, children?” conversation.

However from the morass of argument, sulks, fines for swearing and general teenage nihilism we hit upon a trip to Tunbridge Wells, buying of new bigger climbing shoes, lunch and then a climb on the sandstone rocks nearby.

As I do not climb rocks for pleasure it left me free to do a sketch, I did better I did two, one in charcoal and one in pen and wash.

Rounded the day off with Doctor Who and I have to say it’s high time the Daleks came in pink.

The birch tree was even taller and thinner than in the picture it continued down, but the best bit was this bit against the sky. There are so many tiny branches on trees like this that it would be madness to try and paint them all so I have tried to get an impression of busyness.


#24 a painting a day by Alison Warner on her lemon a day art blog

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