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Two red camellias – a painting a day

sold  6″ x6″, 15cmx15cm, watercolour on heavy weight rag paper

This is the last of my mother’s camellias; they do not last very long in water.

Today was when I added more things to the new bed, I put in some aconitums which will be tall and purplish blue, I think I will move the delphiniums that are not happy over and I put in an ordinary day lily, it’s an orangey colour. I dug up the white Hedychium a ginger lily, which smell of fresh edible ginger, at least I knew I had dug up the right thing. The red one which came from Wilkinson’s (home of very cheap garden stuff) also had a growing point so may well have survived the winter. I don’t quite understand how it happens but I have tigridias that have survived three years in the soil outdoors, yet I know we have had temperatures down to minus 15 degrees centigrade. May be shelter from wind is key and dryish winters.

The whole bed will be a bit of a Great Dixter homage as it will have the banana plant or rather the Ensete, a foliage banana, which has to come inside over winter. The plasterers got so fond of it they asked where it was when they came back a second time. I will list all the contents of this bed another day and then take a picture later in the year when it starts to riot with annual climbers and all the big foliage things.

I should also go and get some more canna lilies.

Managed to get sun burn on my back today, although I was not out all day.


#25 a painting a day by Alison Warner on her lemon a day art blog

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